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Check if an external application is running and count instances of a process

In this article you can find how check if an external application is running and and count instances of a process. I tested with Visual Studio 6 MFC in Windows 8 (64 bit) and it worked fine.

 You can see a simple example here.


sProcName : the name of the process that you want to check if is running or count its instances

Return value

If the function succeeds, it returns an number of instances of a process.
If the function fails, the return value is -1.

int CountProcessInstances(const CString & sProcName, CString & sErr)
	HANDLE hProcessSnap;
    PROCESSENTRY32 pe32;
    // Take a snapshot of all processes in the system.
    hProcessSnap = CreateToolhelp32Snapshot(TH32CS_SNAPPROCESS, 0);
    if (hProcessSnap == INVALID_HANDLE_VALUE)
		return -1;
    // Set the size of the structure before using it.
    pe32.dwSize = sizeof(PROCESSENTRY32);
    // Retrieve information about the first process,
    // and exit if unsuccessful
    if (!Process32First(hProcessSnap, &pe32))
		CloseHandle(hProcessSnap);          // clean the snapshot object
        return -1;
    // Now walk the snapshot of processes, and
    // display information about each process in turn
    int nCount = 0;
    do {
    	if (pe32.szExeFile == sProcName) ++nCount;
    } while (Process32Next(hProcessSnap, &pe32));
    return nCount;

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