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Modeling database

This meeting was a discussion on how to address the modeling database to support the software that is developed.
 There are several approaches (before the object model or database first), several tools (SQL, Visio drawing software to ErWin) to many conventions (such as name tables and columns, use the diagram, area codes, and so on. ). You can also get the design of the data layer (stored procedures or not?). There are a lot of issues discussed and the idea is not to teach a lesson, but to compare different experiences and evaluate approaches could differ from those we are used to, they usually always learning something new.

Comments after Build 2014.
Afterwards, we made ​​a brief chat about comments "hot" after Build 2014, which was held in those days in San Francisco where Microsoft is introducing many new features for all versions of Windows, with many consequences for those who develop with Visual Studio.

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