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Using OpenLayers in Windows 8

The meeting was dedicated to applications on Windows Phone and tools for the management of maps.
 Topics of the metting: 
  • Introductioning to the Task API, Launchers and Choosers on Windows Phone 8.
  • Location API overview of the new Windows Phone 8 and the use of Nokia maps with a few demos on the use of navigating to a destination, using features inherent in the system or using external app (eg. Nokia Drive), which already achieves this type of functionality. 
  • In this session, I was shown how to use OpenLayers in Windows 8, what are the OpenData and how to create an app windows 8 (HTML5 / JavaScript) using data provided by the geo-portal of the City of Turin. The app uses OpenLayers as a framework of maps. OpenLayers is an open source framework that meets the specifications OCG, through which you can access WMS / WFS. 

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