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VIEW Conference 2011

12TH International Computer Graphics. The event covers Computer Graphics, Interactive Techniques, Digital Cinema, 3D Animation, Gaming, and VFX.

I attended the following seminars:
  • Make your passion your profession: how to get into the videogame industry (Marco Mazzaglia, It Manager And Video Game Evangelist, Milestone)
  • Creating Animators for the Future (Prof. Morten Thorning, General Director, The Animation Workshop)
  • A dream come true (Roberto Remmert, Co-founder, Petra s.r.l.)
  • The Business of Visual Effects: LOOK Effects, a Case Study (Henrik Fett, Visual Effects Supervisor and Co-founder, LOOK Effects)
  • Green Lantern: Parallax - The creation of a complex villain (Peter Nofz, Digital FX Supervisor, Sony Pictures Imageworks)
  • Character Rigging for animation feature movies (Lucia Modesto, Character Technical Director Supervisor,PDI/Dreamworks Animation)
  • Black Swan and Limitless: Using Visual Effects to Tell a Story (Henrik Fett, Visual Effects Supervisor and Co-founder, LOOK Effects)
  • The Visual Effects of Transformers: Dark of the Moon (Scott Farrar, Academy Award Winner, Senior VFX Supervisor, ILM)
  • X-Men: First class - From Concept to Screen, a Job for Mutants! (Daniele Bigi, Lighting Supervisor / Adriano Rinaldi, Head of Effects, MPC)
  • The Visual Effects of Cowboys & Aliens (Roger Guyett, BAFTA / VES Award Winner, VFX Supervisor, ILM)
  • Real Steel: Bringing Virtual Production Into the Real World (Erik Nash, Overall Visual Effects Supervisor on Real Steel, Digital Domain)
  • Beyond the movies - transforming Pixar stories into Disney theme park experiences (Roger Gould, Creative Director, Pixar’s Theme Park Group)
  • Augmented Reality for Preoperative Planning and Minimally Invasive Surgery (Lucio De Paolis, Professor in Information Processing Systems, University of Salento)
  • Using Motion Capture to Improve Analysis and Diagnosis of Joint Disorders (Caecilia Charbonnier, PhD, Co-Founder, President&Research Director, ArtAnim)
  • Visualization technologies in the Automotive
  • Product Life Cycle: Applications and Perspectives (Aldo Maggiore, Director of B.U. ICT Engineering Methods & Services, Fiat ITEM)
  • Extreme Prototype Development (Michael Robinson, Design & Brand Director, Bertone)
  • VANETs and Visualization Techniques: Scientific and Commercial Purposes (Francesco Fileppo, Project Manager and Research Engineer, ISMB)
  • Sustainable mobility - Educational and thoughts on the contemporary paradigm of mobility (Laura Milani, CEO at Istituto d'Arte Applicata e Design, IAAD)

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