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Welcome to my website.

"I'm an engineer and I work in the IT field.
Here you can find my activities and projects of recent years and topics related to the IT world, my Curriculum Vitae and my training

Order of Engineers of the Province of Cuneo

Councillor of the Order of Engineers of the Province of Cuneo.
In addition to the traditional tasks of the director I coordinated management and procedures for the activation of the PEC and the Role of Digital Signatures with subscribers, the modernization of the system (by the notice to the control of the execution of the works) with a Windows server and management of subscribers via a new web application in
Latest News
The meeting presented an overview on the offer Windows Embedded: .NET ...
This meeting was a discussion on how to address the modeling database ...
This meeting was dedicated to Windows Phone App Studio. It was ...
This course introduces the fundamental computer science principles ...
LocalDB in SQL. The session was made an overview of the features of ...
The meeting had two possible solutions: Subversion and Git.  ...
Councillor of the Order of Engineers of the Province of Cuneo. ...
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